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Tobi died at the age of 23,  2.2.2012. It meant a lot to him that his decision for a short but fulfilled life without a painful future be acknowledged.

Traveling was his passion. And over 40.000 photos, videos and lyrics that he left behind allow insights into this world of his.

Our goal is for people to see his interpretation of the world and possibly and hopefully find something in it for themselves. This would be a dream come true for him.

The large number of photos makes it difficult for us as family and friends to pick just a few, as every single picture is a reminder of Tobi. This is where your opinion comes in: We kindly ask you to vote for those photos that especially appeal to you – you can do so by clicking on the little star under the pictures of your choice - and forward the link to friends. That way we can decide which of the photos will appear in the planned exhibition by the end of 2013. We already reached agreements with Germany, Netherlands, Slovenia and Hungary.

Thank You!

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